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Sunday, July 11th, 2010


have you already visited my pronunciation tool to search for images, videos and pronunciation?

In case, would you like to leave a feedback comment?


    1. bugs (error messages, anything not working properly)
    2. strange search results (please consider it’s Google API returning results)
    3. layout problems (is the page displaying incorrectly on your browser?)

      Please, provide the necessary details, like:

      • target language (the one under the search textbox)
      • the term you were searching for
      • which browser name and version (for instance Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.6.6)

      Thank you!

      10 Responses to “Search and Pronunciation tool feedback”

      1. the Noob Says:

        :P…..Still a small “cosmetic” layout imperfection is tickling my fingers to leave a note here :) . It’s about a “hidden” thing (let’s say : overlapped) that was surlely not meant to be hidden… because in that case the destinated “hide” function fails…. (only in wind E7).

      2. Heracleum Says:

        Ah yes, I noticed the same on (very old) IE6, but I noticed it looked OK on IE8 so… but since it also happens on IE7 I’ll now try to fix that, thanks! ;)

      3. Eman Says:

        I’m wondering if you have an email. I’d rather not post sensitive website feedback on your comments page.

      4. Heracleum Says:

        I finally decided -it was about time- to put a “Contact me” link in the footer of the website; you can use that link to send me private messages.

      5. reza Says:


      6. ify Says:

        I was looking for how to pronounce d word “Hawes” in english. I clicked on the speech synthesis tool but never heard a thing. I’m visiting the site with my mobile so maybe there should be an option where I can download d particular soundbite so I can hear it on my phone?

      7. Heracleum Says:

        I think your mobile doesn’t support Flash objects.

      8. bob Says:

        Your site (in audio) pronounces “ausable” like “AW-suh-bull”. However, there are (at least) two rivers in the U.S. named “Ausable” or “AuSable”, and the locals seem to pronounce them either “aw-SAY-bull” (NY) or “aw-SAH-bull” (MI) with the derivation being French in either case.

      9. best crystal awards Says:

        I’d like to leave a feedback comment for you, this tool is fantastic, thanks again for your post!

      10. John Says:

        Thanks for this good example post :)

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