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Australia - Melbourne - Royal Botanic Gardens: the Pond (Heracleum 2005)

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ProteoProteo LuceLuce giubilogiubilo isonzoisonzo condicio sine qua noncondicio sine qua non
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All right, let's start introducing the main features the Heracleum website offers, absolutely for free:

Say Moticon
Say Moticon

Create an emoticon on-the-fly and let it say your message in balloons. Use it on your website, blog or forums to have fun with your friends.

Play Heracleum Sudoku online and free! A Set of EIGHT new puzzles every day! Four sizes (4x4, 9x9, 16x16, 25x25) in two difficulty levels. Your new Daily Sodoku source.

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Check out this powerful tool for searching info about a word, a name, a place, in whatever language! And get tons of info all at once, about how it looks, how it is pronounced, how his/her face look like in case it's a person, get videos about it.
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