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Friday, January 9th, 2009

Shopping Mall Bowling: people instead of bowling pins… but hey! They’re moving!


Use mouse to move left and right, left mouse click to throw the bowling ball.
You can apply a spin effect, so that ball will follow a curved trajectory: right after you’ve clicked to throw ball you can move mouse left/right to apply the spin. Just practice a bit, it’s easy and definitely useful.

Pause game: “P” or “Pause” key. This will pause and show the Options menu.
Options: you can turn off special graphical effects (such as motion blur, shading and color effects) if you see the game is not running smoothly on your PC or, in case, even lower render quality.


Basically you should throw your ball and hit people walking around, but not at random, you should follow a certain strategy to get good scores (explained further).

The first Level (At the Shopping Mall) is the crucial phase of the game, especially to determine the total score, while level 2 and 3, with less people walking around, are more to try to get a few more score with Spares or Strikes, plus each single person’s score is higher in 2 and 3 levels and no real crowd like in first level. By the way, scoring a Strike on level 1, however quite rare, is not impossible at all and in case next two scores include a high Combo you’ll get a pretty score.

Level 1 (At the Shopping Mall)
30 balls available
A lot of people (max 30 at the same time on screen)

Level 2 (Sidney - Opera House)
15 balls
A few people (max 15)

Level 3 (Rome - Circo Massimo)
10 balls
A very few people (max 7)

You can check the Achievements panel to figure out what the challenges are, in three difficulty levels Easy, Medium and Hard: it’s about reaching good scores, hitting a certain amount of total people, then score “combos and sequences”.


Hitting a certain amount of people with a single throw is a Combo. Once you score a Combo, for instance, 7 people down, you will score 7000 (+ a few hit points), then you should score a higher combo to get more interesting scores.

For a good final score, it is essential to score Combos “progressively”: starting from lower to higher ones (hopefully following the Combo Sequences 1,2,3, etc..) since starting the game with a very high combo, let’s say 10, it’s an awful move since all lower combo points (1000, 2000, 3000 etc.) are gone.

Notice after Combo 10 (10000 pts worth) the next combos scores have a definitely lower value, this way:
1 = 1000,
2 = 2000,

9 = 9000,
10 = 10000,
11 = 1000,  <—
12 = 2000,
13 = 3000 etc..
Starting the game with a 11 combo is the worst opening ever ;)

Spare and Strike:
You’ll notice a red triangle area fading out at the very start of the game; well that’s the spare/strike area:
if you hit 3 people or more and that area is clear (no people walking in) you’ll get a “Strike” otherwise (1 or 2 people) is a “Spare”.
Strike: next 2 throws score is doubled;
Spare: next throw score is doubled.

7 Responses to “Shopping Mall Bowling: Help”

  1. Malls Shopping Says:

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  2. Howard Says:

    Hey, Heracleum!

    I’m bowling badly and reading the HOW-TO to try to improve a bit. Ah, the combo sequencing is going to be important, I see….

    Anyway, I’m writing to point out an unclear sentence in the help, in the definition of a strike.

    >> if you hit 3 people or more and that are is clear (no people walking in) you’ll get a “Strike”

    Huh? …”and that are is clear”? It’s more than a typo, I’m not following the meaning of “clear”. Help me!

    Haha, I am bad at such games, so it won’t help me at all, ahahaha.

    Oh, and by the way, I don’t know if it’s my VISTA PC or what, but I can’t play sudoku today. I get a nice cup of Java that is slightly animated at first, and then I wait with the Java, and wait,… is that a slider bar to show me that it’s loading something? It’s not loading…

    Singing anything recently?

  3. Heracleum Says:

    Hey Howard! You here? ;)
    Uhoh you’re right there’s a missing letter: “and that areA is clear”, so “area”. Now, is it OK for an “area to be clear”, meaning that no person is walking inside?
    By the way I’m sure you’ll find more comfortable with the new game, a tribute to a few classic arcade games.

  4. How To Bowl Says:

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  5. Colton Diaz Says:

    bowling balls are dangerous on the foot if you mishandle it.-’-

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