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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Since this site and its journal is bilingual, or at least most of the posts are often in both Italian and English, I added this new category to post about English-Italian oddities, idioms, false friends and everything else.

Even though I love English language and I’m studying it since a long time, unfortunately it is still quite ugly, that’s why I decided to translate almost each post of this bilingual journal, to force me in practicing a bit more.
The main source of my improving intent is the WordReference English-Italian Forum: natives of both language open topics to ask about tricky or colloquial sentences hard to translate using a dictionary. I rarely open threads but even discussing a topic reveals to be a powerful way to improve the language knowledge.

In my Language category I’ll try to post in both languages:
in the italian version I’ll show how an english sentence would sound in italian and the same vice-versa in the english one. So obviously in this case it wouldn’t be a literal translation as I’m used to do in usual posts.

Of course comments are definitely welcome!


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