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Monday, July 30th, 2007

A Gothic style game, very well drawn as you can see, specially compared to all those over-coloured stick-style flash games. Despite the white background the atmosphere is dark indeed:

A Murder of Scarecrows
A Murder of Scarecrows
by The Skeleton Shop

Basically you have to drag and throw seeds, appearing on the tree, in order to hit and awaken the three scarecrows, this when they are molested by the crow. If they keep staying on them the energy of each scarecrow decreases: you can tell how much energy each have by the length of their roots. Once exausted a scarecrow dies but can be “resurrected” by hitting a bell that can appear some time later.

do not end up with all three scarecrows’ energy too low at the same time, it’s a good way to reach a game over. If things go bad you should rather let one of them die, taking care of just the two it’s easier; then ring the bell to resurrect the “sacrificed” one.

It vaguely recalled me the Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas style.

You can add darker atmosphere by turning the music on (a popup opens).

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